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What is Amanda?

Amanda is the most popular open source software for backup and recovery of networked computers. Our software protects more than half a million servers, workstations and desktops running various versions of Linux, UNIX, BSD, Mac OS-X and Microsoft Windows operating systems worldwide. Amanda is available in two editions — Amanda Community and Amanda Enterprise.


Advantages of Amanda Over Proprietary Backup

http://network.zmanda.com/amanda-whitepapers.php 문태준 아이디로 가입

  • Amanda is an open source product, while the others are closed-source.
  • Amanda determines the backup level for a given scheduled backup run, rather than you having to determine this ahead of time.
  • Amanda uses standard backup tools and data layouts (gnutar, dump, Schily tar and zip), instead of proprietary ones.
  • Backup to disk is integral to Amanda's operation..
  • A holding disk is used to temporarily store backup data on the Amanda server.
  • Amanda supports open-source and user configurable encryption and data compression, while other solutions force you to use their encryption and compression routines.
  • Amanda provides an option to backup your data to Amazon S3 storage cloud.

Amanda 와 Amanda Enterprise 차이점

가장 큰 차이는 GUI Console 제공, Backup of System State for Windows clients , Oralce, MS-SQL, MS Exchange Server 에 대한 hot backup 지원(agent 이용), 기술지원 제공 등임

  • Zmanda Management Console
  • Flexible media options (Amazon Simple Storage Service ...)
  • Wide platform, database and application support
  • Backup of System State for Windows clients to ensure system and registry database referential integrity in case of disaster recovery
  • Hot backup of MS Exchange, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases
  • New functionality and security updates, product alerts, knowledgebase access, and 24x7 support from Zmanda worldwide

각종 정보

price http://www.zmanda.com/pricing.html#ASP
Annual subscription 형태임.

Can I mix Amanda Enterprise and Community?

  • We support mixing Amanda and Amanda Enterprise only through Professional Services engagement.
    이건 내용을 이해하지 못하겠음.

Zmanda Windows Client http://wiki.zmanda.com/index.php/Zmanda_Windows_Client

  • Backup of open files (Volume Shadow Services must be enabled)
  • Backs up NTFS filesystem
  • Uses open format for backup images (ZIP64)
  • Client backup compression using deflate algorithm
  • Client configuration tool - ZWCconfig. Allows configuration of ports that are used and amanda server name.
  • Support for exclude patterns (wildcard * is supported, full path must be specified)
  • Installshield based installer.

Amanda Enterprise Demo : Amanda Enterprise 의 각종 기능을 동영상으로 볼 수 있음. http://zmanda.com/AEE-Demo/AEE-Demo.html

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